The Oppo F17 Pro is a smooth, good-looking phone with clean camera tricks

It’s a new phone with two titles – beauty and camera. Is it shaky? Keep reading.

When you spend more than 20K in a pandemic year, a smartphone needs to be perfect or at least focused on perfection. Oppo’s latest is the Oppo F17 Pro, which is a good phone but somehow, sometimes, you get that common sense of humor. It’s a new phone with two titles – beauty and camera. Is it shaky? Keep reading.

Light catch

The standard 2020 phone comes with a large battery, a large screen, a large camera setup but not always bright. Oppo has taken a different route in the department of size and weight. We have a 6.43-inch super AMOLED non-flexible display while the device weighs only 164g, which is light. Optimal size Oppo pointed out. Unlike most phones available, the 800nit signal can be very bright, making everything readable under the bright sun. In the background, there is a well-packed camera system while the reviewed Magic Blue handset had a panel that can withstand fingerprints without too much light. There is nothing soft about it.

In depth, the display has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Oops! 60Hz and costs more than 20K? Let’s be clear here. When we talk about the 90Hz or 120Hz update rate that provides a smooth experience, it’s a huge number of gamers out there. If it is mainly about the content of streaming content, the focus can be on the super AMOLED screen, which gives a better feeling of how to cool off with Netflix. This automatically gives the phone a life angle. The question one might ask: Isn’t it worth 90Hz somewhere in the price range?

Rely on camera tactics

A good looking phone… with a caveat. Let’s start with the rear camera setup. There are four cameras – 48MP main camera, 8MP wide-angle camera and 2MP mono camera. Mono cameras help with certain image techniques. There is a so-called AI Portrait Color that uses the background to be black and white while the titles are colored. It’s a trick found in the front camera as well. Next up, the AI ​​Night Flare portrait. This is where you can turn small light images into a cool image with a large lens flare. Let’s throw away the AI ​​Super Night Portrait that makes light-emitting graphics look decent. He knows where we are going.

The camera does a good job of taking daytime photographs while ultra-wide shots have no problems at all. There is also a tripod mode under night photography, which is useful. Having said all that, you somehow feel like Oppo could have gained a lot using software tweaks. Why pack four lenses when two will suffice? Previously, there were two cameras, which means hole-punch is wider than other phones. It can be a problem while playing games or watching videos. If video recording is important to you, turn on ultra solid mode and you can record up to 4K videos in F17 Pro.


The F17 Pro comes with a MediaTek Helio P95 AI processing unit, which is great for everyday applications and has no stoves. But at this price point one can ask for a more powerful processor. Compare this with OnePlus Nord’s Snapdragon 765G, which offers a better feel.

By way of battery, the 4015mAh may look low but it is not. The OS7.2 color based on Android 10 controls the processor efficiently and keeps things in control. Even after a lot of streaming on Netflix and Spotify, you may still get a date with this phone. Also, the battery charges quickly because it is not large. There are bloatware like WPS Office, Amazon and Facebook but this can be removed.

Is it about you?

Oppo is known for offering affordable phones. Well done in the form of a design, display and camera on the F17 Pro. But if one is paying Rs 22,990, it would not be a bad idea to look at other options, such as the OnePlus Nord or waiting for the Samsung M51, which comes with a larger 7,000mAh battery. With that being said, if you want a smooth, good-looking phone with neat camera tricks, the Oppo F17 Pro troubleshoot most boxes.


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