Now you can save a dry cleaning trip

Air dresser – Smart laundry technology – is on the way to hygiene in India and removing the stench of everyday odours.

Image Courtesy: Samsung

Samsung airdressers do not require much space or a special waterway, which allows them to be installed anywhere in the house.

Another room soon revolves around houses, but it is filled with an innovation; This is an electronic room. Samsung Innovation, also known as AirDresser, is designed to keep clothes clean and tidy.

Advanced Smart Clothing Care Solution, which is expected to launch in India in the next few days, is likely to enter a new manufacturing segment in the country where the company has reached its 25-year milestone.

Jackets, suits and dresses are not so easy to maintain because small mistakes can make them wrinkle or get sick. Also, it is not possible to wash them in the washing machine, but taking them to a dry cleaner often can take a long time. AirDresser has your back, which can be worn with some steam or wrinkle-fixing chiffon.

There are so many innovations to play on the device. The machine uses powerful air and steam to remove odors, wrinkles and dry clothes. There are so many innovations in the game. In addition to refreshing clothing with jet steam and jet air properties, the airdresser “can separate odors and different particles from clothing” (which contains 99 percent sweat and smoke odors). It includes heat pump drying technology, which uses air to reduce damage to wear and shrinkage. There is also the Fragrance Kit feature, which gives the opportunity to add perfume to clothes. Air hangers are meant to handle contaminants that stick to our clothes. It circulates air through the clothes hanging hanger and it works without any noise.

Premium segment submission does not require much space or a separate waterway. That means it can be installed almost anywhere in the house. Also, it will enhance your wardrobe beyond summer. It has many wheels for specific clothing, including leather, down jackets and winter coats. Steam also removes germs and allergens from things like beds and babywear.

Samsung is not looking for an alternative to the washing machine as an air dresser, but as a convenient home solution for clothes care. It connects using Samsung’s Smart Things app via Wi-Fi, which recommends the best cycle based on clothing and apparel type, and sends the app notification when the cycle is complete and the garment is ready. It is actually added back for clothing care.

Device: Samsung AirDresser

Electricity: Just install your AirDresser in a regular electrical outlet and you are ready for everything. No separate water line or technical installation is required – a filling dam is exactly what you need. Refined water is required.

Deodorising Filter: Remove 99 percent of odor that stays in the fabric caused by smoke, sweat, and food with a built-in filter.

Low Temperature Drying: Spend a little time caring for delicacies or waiting for your raincoat to dry with low Temp-Pump Heat Drying, which reduces the risk of heat damage and shrinkage.

Pleats: Accelerate the weight-bearing process, which helps to revive pant tones and smooth wrinkles.

Dehumidification: Using a debugging feature, AirDresser will remove excess moisture from any room or cabinet.

Wi-Fi connection: With the SmartThings app, start remotely, pause, get notifications and get cycle recommendations directly to your phone.


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