Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020)- An exciting streaming device

Amazon ‘s New upgrade to its device is remarkable

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The city has the new Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020), an exciting streaming device ready to rock the Amazing streaming series with new enhancements.

It’s not just the new Fire TV model announced at the Amazon event in September – like the more affordable Streamer, then you can choose the cheaper Fire TV instead of the stick light. If all you really wanted was 4K streaming, you’d be better off with the Fire TV Stick 4K – the successor to the 2020 Model HD Fire TV Stick.

You still get some high-spec techniques that were not present in the previous model – namely, 60fps frame rate, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dolby Atmos audio.

The Fire TV Stick (2020) is on the verge of launch, hence – we’ve brought together everything you need to know about the upcoming streamers. Read on for more information about its price, release date, specs and UI – as well as being really different compared to other Fire TV streamers.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020) Specs and Features

So, what’s new with the model of the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020)? This version still comes with a full HD streamer, yet the same Alexa voice remote as its predecessor – with the Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube it also transports a clicker with playback, power, volume and voice command input used to control connected AV receivers and soundbars.

There are some significant upgrades compared to previous HD Fire TV stick models, however, it was only recently launched (in 2019).

For one, there is the introduction of HDR (High Dynamic Range), which means you increase the color and contrast in your HD images, with greater granular tones and a larger spectrum of light and dark colors. You can see the original HDR10 format here, as well as the Dynamic HDR delights of HDR10 + (which uses metadata to shoot photo-by-shot) though it has no Dolby Vision competitors.

It should also be noted that you can not get the full effect of HDR without 4K resolution, provided that the display has fewer pixels. 4K TV increases video output on screen to 4K output, however you are at the mercy of the processing capacity of a particular set.

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While the 2019 model supports 30fps playback, the 2020 version has raised it to 60fps – which is quite appropriate, as most new 4K TVs these days come with 60fps panels (if not 120fps). It should have smooth movement with low blur or juggler during high-speed scenes, though some of them will come into your television processing. It’s very good for any gaming on the Fire TV Stick, just like the upcoming Amazon Luna game streaming service.

The new model is said to be “50% more powerful” than the 2019 iteration thanks to its “enhanced 1.7 GHz quad-core processor”. We were told that “dual-band, dual-antenna WiFi 5GHz network supports more stable streaming and lower drop connections” – and do all this “even at 50% less power consumption”.

On the audio side, the Fire TV Stick (2020) supports Dolby Atmos surround sound. This means that even if you have to use speakers that support the format, you can still get more immersive audio.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020) UI Improvements

The Amazon Fire TV UI, in particular, is gaining a big integration with the goal of being easier to use and more clear.

Now, every member of your family has profiles that can be customized for each viewer. There is also a new navigation bar with favorite apps for each profile, the UI rotates faster.

You also get picture-in-picture mode, which means you can load more than one application at a time on your Fire TV interface for dual firing. It may seem a bit busy, but it does mean that you can access the video stream corner from your smart doorbell without completely capturing the screen or closing another application in use. A similar technology works with Alexa voice commands, showing answers in compact text boxes instead of using the full width of the screen.

All of these changes make us feel better – and they’re ready to come into existing Fire TV devices – we are still waiting on Amazon to improve their flawed browser experience for Amazon Prime Video.

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